-Performance with Projected Camera Loop Induction, Mobius (Boston), AS220 (Providence), JACK (Brooklyn): part of Antibody Corporation's "Antiworlds". Also presented for "The Hidden Valley" curated by Wild Embeddings/PULSAR
-Triple, Otion Front, Brooklyn: dance video with projector layering for "Highway to Hell"
-Garbage Bags, Luxury Lounge, Brooklyn: nine-channel TV installation by HUMAN TRASH DUMP
-The Word, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn: lecture with object for "Trauma Salon," curated by The Super Coda
-Trugs, CARPET EP: videos released on HUMAN TRASH DUMP label


-PROTIV, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn: Antibody Corporation performance with Eames Armstrong, The Buttress, Dasha Filippova, and Adam Rose
-Reinvest in TVs, Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn: television performance with David Ian Griess as part of Non Grata's "Diverse Universe"
-Against Being, Links Hall, Chicago: performance created and directed by Adam Rose of Antibody Corporation
-Tanning Bed, Little Berlin, Philadelphia: performance and sculpture collaboration with Stefan Gunn for "My Dream House" exhibition
-Feedback, Flux Factory, Queens: live film/performance for HUMAN TRASH DUMP, part of the STROBE network event
-Tanning Bed, Little Berlin, Philadelphia: performance and sculpture collaboration with Stefan Gunn for "My Dream House" exhibition
-MEATTRUCK, various screenings: film collaboration with David Ian Griess and Elizabeth Lamb for HUMAN TRASH DUMP
-Before/After, Vox Populi, Philadelphia: solo performance as part of "January 13"


-FreeFallen, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Brooklyn: video presented as part of "Sequence"
-Antibody Corporation: Imagine, JACK, Brooklyn: performance with Adam Rose and José Hernandez
-The Question Concerning Technology 2, Chicago Cultural Center: solo performance
-Lumber Nups Live, Panoply Performance Laboratory: solo performance with object


-Becoming Corpus, Fisher Theater at BAM, Brooklyn: performer & collaborator under direction of LEIMAY-CAVE
-The Aircraft Carrier, CAVE, Brooklyn: solo performance for SOAK festival


-Gilded Lilies, New Capital Gallery, Chicago: duet with Ginger Krebs for "24/25" exhibition
-Lunch, Brooklyn Fireproof: solo butoh performance
-Squandering Rites, 723 Louisa Gallery & Sidearm Gallery: solo performance


-Portable Heirloom, Out of Site Series, Bryant Lake Bowl, Chicago, Minneapolis: duet with Ginger Krebs
-Never Been Deader, Asheville Butoh Festival: solo butoh performance


-Dot&Dash, Columbia College Dance Center, Chicago: duet with Ginger Krebs for "The A.W.A.R.D. Show"
-Rehearsals for Becoming Gods, Links Hall, Chicago: ensemble performance directed by Ginger Krebs
-Untitled Improvisation, Millennium Park Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago: butoh improvisation with Blushing Poppy Dance, directed by Nicole Legette, as part of the "Umbrella Music Festival"
-Communist Boys/Fascist Girls, High Concept Labs, Chicago: duet with Adam Rose


2014 - Artist in Residence, The Wassaic Project, New York
2011 - Artist in Residence, The MacDowell Colony, New Hampshire